Message from the DriverEntry Group

16 Sep, 21

Thanks everyone for your support. The site has had a great start with a ton of views and new users. This is the beginning of a really great community!

Since the launch, we have had a few minor issues, which our web team has been working on. Most notably, GitHub logins were showing email addresses as usernames - this has now been resolved (we have even manually updated all the old user accounts to anonymize usernames). Your privacy is important to us and we really want to create a community where everyone feels safe to contribute.

In addition we have a lot of improvements coming including push notifications on topics of interest. We're hungry for feedback - so please reach out to us if you have ideas to make the site better and more enjoyable to use. Feel free to leave a comment or send us an email directly to

Over the next couple of months with have some cool content we will be releasing so keep an eye out. But we can't do this alone - we're keen to get your participation on new content. We’d love to hear more about exploitation or low level development on all platforms - not just Windows!



(The DriverEntry Group)


16 Sep, 21

Firstly thank you for creating this site. Like uninject145 said, 

With the centralization of the internet becoming focused on only a handful of sites, I believe it's vital to create independent websites to combat the over-reliance on the moderation of a few companies. Hopefully this site has a promising future promoting original technical discussion and not falling into inactivity like long forgotten predecessors. 

-> I agree.

As far as improvements, how can we change our account settings once created? And what's the user rating and content rating? And how do we improve the rating?

16 Sep, 21

Hi Victor, thanks for the feedback.

Sorry for the confusion, to edit your account you have to click account twice (I know... we're working on it....).

Regarding the user rating and content rating - any of the site admins will promote your user rating based on the content of your posts (from 1 star to 5 star). 

The content rating is a product of user rating X votes. 5 x 1 star ratings gives a 5 star content rating. 5 x 5 star ratings gives a 25 content rating. Basically we are trying to use this to promote good content!!

Thanks for the feedback!